Why Adoption First?

6 thoughts on “Why Adoption First?”

  1. I couldn’t have said it better. So excited to watch this story unfold. Adoption is such a great calling and it is a calling there are lots of children waiting for a forever family and home


  2. I could not love this more! I am so happy for you! Adoption is a beautiful thing. I have 3 adopted children and have shared the analogy of us being adopted into the family of God with them many times! BTW, I worked with your Mom, grandmother and grandad at Circle C ranch. Praying for your adoption journey! Feel free to friend me on FB and you can see my 3 beautiful childrem!


  3. Thrilled and supportive! Another blessing added to our family! Can’t wait to meet the new addition . . . and know that he/she will have LOTS of cousins to play with!


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